Avengers: Infinity War: Is Black Panther sharing scenes with Captain America and Black Widow?


A new video posted to Twitter suggests that Avengers: Infinity War will see Black Panther having to work with Captain America.

We effectively knew that Chadwick Boseman would play a role in Avengers: Infinity War. Not only did his name appear in a casting call that has inspired many a theory, but it also makes sense. His character’s solo movie, Black Panther, directly precedes Infinity War on the release schedule for 2018. Additionally, T’Challa played a part in Captain America: Civil War, and Infinity War will likely have to resolve some of the further fallout from the last time a bunch of Marvel’s superheroes shared the silver screen.

But, if you’ll recall, Black Panther was Team Tony Stark — or he at least fought with them — in Civil War. That’s what makes this video even more interesting.

Boseman posted this to Twitter last night:

Now, before you suggest that this is for Black Panther, since Boseman does hashtag it, principal photography for that movie has already come to an end. It seems highly unlikely that reshoots would call in Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans when there don’t seem to be any indications that they were in the movie to begin with. No, the second hashtag is the more interesting of the two to our eyes.

As you can see, the chairs read, from left to right: “Natasha Romanoff,” “T’Challa,” and “Steve Rogers.” Black Widow’s being around makes a little more sense; the two of them were on the same side back in Civil War. But we still can’t get over Cap. However, all indications are that Infinity War is absolutely massive. Some teamwork even between not very friendly heroes will likely become necessary anyway.

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The question now becomes when this takes place in the movie, and even where. Is it early on, when everyone has become more cognizant of the threats they face? With just a nine second clip, that’s not something we can answer.

Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War both have 2018 release dates.