Chris Hemsworth plays ping pong with Avengers figurines


In a video posted on Instagram, Chris Hemsworth plays ping pong with some Avengers figurines after the Thor figurine is nowhere to be found. His racket? Mjolnir, of course.

Although Thor has his own movie coming out this fall, his absence in Captain America: Civil War was noticeable. While the rest of the Avengers duked it out over the Sokovia Accords (a.k.a. the Superhero Registration Act), Thor was nowhere to be seen.

Apparently, Chris Hemsworth is a little bitter.

In a video posted to his official Instagram account, he finds a table teeming with Avengers figurines, seemingly staged for a fight. Someone off-camera informs Hemsworth that the table is the Russo brothers’ doing. At that point, Hemsworth takes things into his own hands.

In the video, he makes fun of the overall “fight” setup, discovers Thor is missing, then summons Mjolnir. He uses the mighty hammer to “correct” what happened in Civil War.

Claiming, “This is what would really happen if we all got into a fight,” Hemsworth hits Iron Man and Captain America to opposite sides of the room. Then he knocks over basically everyone else.

Hemsworth also delivers some zingers. On Hawkeye’s outfit: “Who’s this guy? Berlin techno rave, he’s just rolled in from at 3 a.m.” And Spider-Man: “He’s just a kid. He can fall over.” And Vision: “He’s not even real.”

He calls everyone losers, but keeps Falcon and Bucky because “[he] like[s] those guys.” Although Hulk is a victim initially, Hemsworth collects him at the end of the video and takes him along. That makes sense. Thor knows Hulk from work in Thor: Ragnarok. They’re buddies.

Don’t worry, Chris. We missed Thor as much as you did.

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Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on Nov. 3.