Patty Jenkins not yet signed on to direct Wonder Woman sequel


Around the world, people are praising Patty Jenkins and her work on Wonder Woman but we still don’t know if she’s signed on to direct the sequel.

Well, Patty Jenkins may not be signed on to direct Wonder Woman 2 yet but she does have quite the advantage. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that soon, Warner Brothers will begin talking with Jenkins about the sequel.

"Sources say Warner Bros. will soon begin negotiations with Jenkins, who will have major leverage thanks to the movie’s historic opening weekend."

Reports stated that while star Gal Gadot has it optioned in her contract for her to get Wonder Woman 2, Jenkins was only signed for one movie. The contract issues have been in the news recently for many reported that Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) was signed for multiple movies but after the fate of his character was revealed in Wonder Woman, fans are confused by what it means next.

The future of Wonder Woman

So what we’d like to see is Patty Jenkins getting the same treatment. Wouldn’t it be lovely if she ended up with a multiple picture deal out of it? After all, Wonder Woman did break records.

Negotiations begin shortly so we won’t know for certain until they actually talk with Jenkins. But we do know that she has quite the leverage. Wonder Woman continues to shatter records held by not only female directors but also comic book movies in general.

And as it should. As someone who has watched this movie more than anything else since its release, I can safely say that the joy of it never wears off. There isn’t a viewing I’ve been to where I’ve thought to myself “Wow this isn’t as good as I remembered”.

It’s just a generally good movie and Patty Jenkins has a lot to bargain with.

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Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Go get your tickets because this is one movie you want to see in the movie theater. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to see it more than once!