5 things we want from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon promo image. Credit: The Pokemon Company official image

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are looking fairly shiny in the tiny glimpse we gleaned yesterday. Here are five things we want to see from the games.

Hail, fellow Pokemon fan. Did you happen to miss the Pokemon Nintendo Direct yesterday? Stop, drop what you’re doing, and watch it this instant. How else will you truly be able to experience the hair-raising experience of learning that the next new Pokemon games will be entitled Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

Oops, I just spoiled it, didn’t I?

Even so, you’re going to want to watch:

There they are, in their few seconds of glory, telling us very little about what the games will actually entail other than that they are a parallel story to Pokemon Sun and Moon taking place in Alola, and will have some vaguely mystical “new features” that we know nothing about yet. With a November 17 release date on the Nintendo 3DS, that gives us nearly five whole months of rampant speculation to enjoy.

What could Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (they just roll off the tongue, don’t they) have in store for us? I have five ideas for things I’d like to see, certainly…