Stranger Things season 2 has wrapped


Noah Schnapp announced the Stranger Things news on his Instagram this weekend with an enviably handsome picture of the cast.

Rejoice Stranger Things fans! We’re that much closer to season 2 of our most favorite show. The cast and crew of the show just wrapped shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, this past weekend. To commemorate the milestone, Noah Schnapp featured a very cute and fashion-forward editorial shot of his cast-mates and himself getting ready to cycle out into the sunset.

Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, and Finn Wolfhard all posted their own small wrap tributes on Instagram. Schnapp’s included an especially heartfelt caption that lauded the work of his co-stars.

His note to Caleb McLaughlin gives an idea of their strong off-camera bond:

"I remember meeting u 2 years ago at our auditions in LA. When we started talking I remember wishing u would b one to get this role cuz I loved hanging with u. you are the funniest, most light spirited person i know and when i need someone to tell me to call the cocoa police ill come to u."

Schnapp also gives thanks to Sadie Sink (one of the season 2 additions), Gaten Matarazzo, and Wolfhard, but especially Brown:

"Millie, if I ever have anything on my mind, i’ll go to u. You always watch out for me and never let me fall. I don’t know how this years gonna go without u but i’m gonna try it out. Thanks for always being there for me( even if things went 0-100 real quick😂) I hope that horror movies don’t freak me out now that you’re not there to watch them w me. Thank you for keeping me calm in stressful situations or maybe thanks for being a pretty good therapist."

Brown also had some sweet things to say to her cast and crew in her own Instagram post, which featured a selfie with Sink:

"Last night of shooting. Sadie I love you with all my heart. Finn thank you for making me laugh! Gaten, thank you for being there for me throughout everything. Caleb, my older brother thank you for protecting me no matter what! And Noah, thank you for being my partner in crime ❤️ can’t wait for everyone to see this season as it’s epic! This wouldn’t have happened without the crew!"

They’re gracious and talented! The season must have also been a wild ride for all involved, which probably drew them that much closer.

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I’m trying to enjoy summer, but doesn’t it seem like Halloween is just around the corner now?Stranger Things season 2 will be available to stream at the end of October 2017.