Here are four new clips ahead of The Mummy’s premiere this weekend


With Tom Cruise’s new The Mummy reboot set to premiere this weekend, Universel released four new clips to get you hyped for the film’s release on June 9.

We talked a lot this weekend about Dark Universe and what Tom Cruise brings to the table when he joins a franchise. With The Mummy reboot’s debut on the horizon, we’re getting more and more looks at what the first entry in this new cinematic universe has to offer. And may I just say, that as a dedicated cinephile, it’s hard for me to choose which film will get my money this weekend: Wonder Woman (for the third time) or The Mummy?

Interestingly, both films offered similar ad campaigns that gave only enough information to entice those who either would be drawn to the action and spectacle or were already big fans of the original material. That’s to say the most of the ads expect you to already understand what you’re looking at.

This weekend, Wonder Woman will face her second weekend at the box office. After breaking $100 million as easily as she can throw a tank, Wonder Woman’s next obstacle is the second-weekend drop. And this time, she’ll be facing a more formidable opponent than Captain Underpants. Tom Cruise films debut fairly strong, but now he’s backed by an established franchise that’s due for a reboot — and just a reboot, but a whole new cinematic universe.

But if you’re still on the fence as to whether The Mummy will be worth seeing opening weekend, here are four new clips to prep you for this weekend.

The first one begins with Sofia Boutella as the Mummy, otherwise known as Princess Ahmanet:

The second includes a something we’ve seen before, which is Russell Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll, the head of Prodigium. This organization serves as the thread that will hold the Dark Universe together.

In the third clip, we witness that awesome plane scene in its entirety. Which, by the way, if you haven’t seen the video where the sound is removed, it’s a lot of fun.

And finally, the fourth clip just looks like a scene from Mission: Impossible.

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The Mummy opens in theaters on June 9.