Wonder Woman is the hero we all need and deserve: a review


After seeing Wonder Woman, there was a feeling of hope that took over the audience and it truly makes every viewer feel important.

Wonder Woman is everything we want it to be and more. No really. I managed to get into one of the fan screenings that happened last week and I can tell you this: I cried throughout most of the movie because it was that incredible.

Now for those who don’t want to be spoiled of anything, I will just give you my rating now. Surprise, it’s a 5/5. Honestly, lived up to the hype and gave us even more. So if you don’t want spoilers, do not read past this trailer. After the trailer, there will be spoilers.

They do not deserve you, Diana.

First we see Diana walking through modern day Paris heading into the Lourve. There she is opening something from Bruce Wayne and what we see is the same picture that Bruce found of Diana in Batman V. Superman. 

He found the original print and gives it to Diana as a gift, hoping to one day hear her story. And that’s when we get the origin story of Diana Prince we’ve always dreamed up. It starts with a young Diana, begging her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) to let her train.

She begins to train in secret with Diana’s aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) until her mother sees and tells Antiope to train her harder than any Amazon that came before her. And so she does. Basically everything up until Steve Trevor crash lands on Themyscira.

There we get a wonderful scene where Steve is completely naked coming out of a hot tub. No really, that is a scene in this movie and we should give Patty Jenkins an Oscar for that alone. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is a spy for the British during World War I.

He crash lands trying to escape the Germans and once he is back to perfect health, Diana and Steve leave Themyscira. But the best part? The amazing battle with the Amazons on the beach of Themyscira.

It just shows how powerful and amazing they are. And really, who doesn’t love watching women do amazing things?

Yeah it’s not for everybody.

There is a lovely boat scene where Diana and Steve talk about sleeping with one another and Steve questions how Diana has never seen a man before. It’s a wonderful little scene and I just know there is going to be lots of fanfiction written about what happened on that boat.

Diana and Steve get to London and Diana thinks she’s heading instantly to the war. But first they have to get her clothes and settled before they can go off to the front line. Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) is Steve’s assistant and she helps her look more like a modern lady of the time. Except that Diana won’t put down her shield or the God Killer (her sword).

There are wonderful scenes with the Lasso of Truth from Steve’s first landing on Themyscira to when Diana doesn’t believe him and he grabs it from her to show he’s being truthful. And it does a wonderful job creating the relationship between Diana and Steve.

From there, Diana and Steve create their rag-tag team to go and try and find Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya) and General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston). Poison is creating a gas that will kill anyone and anything within a huge radius and Steve and Diana know they must stop it.

To the front lines

After they assemble their team of Charlie (Ewen Bremner), Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui), and Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), they go to No Man’s Land for Diana. She realizes there is a village that must be saved on the other side of No Man’s Land and Diana crosses it because, after all, she is no man.

Now, let me tell you, watching Diana Prince walk across No Man’s Land is something else entirely. That’s pretty much where I started crying and never stopped. Now here’s the thing: up until this point, I haven’t really spoiled much, just the general gist of what we already kind of knew from trailers.

And I don’t want to really spoil anything else. So I’m going to briefly give you a run down of what happens from here and that’s it because honestly, this is a movie everyone should see.

After No Man’s Land

So after Diana saves the village, there is lovely WonderTrev (that’s Steve and Diana) scenes where their relationship continues to grow as they plot out stopping Dr. Poison and General Ludendorff. It’s great, we see Diana really come into her own as a hero and we see her inevitable breakdown and switch into the Wonder Woman we know and love.

The main baddy, who has already been announced, is Ares and it is a pretty epic battle at the end as she tries to stop him to stop the war. But as Ares tries to show her that man has no compassion and is not worth saving, Diana shows Ares that love is what wins over all.

Honestly, it is a perfect movie and I’m just very happy that girls everywhere will get to experience the magic of Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Woman hits theaters this June 2. Get your tickets now because, after reading all this, don’t you want to go and see it now?