Men are still complaining about the all-female screening of Wonder Woman


We already reported that men were pretty upset with the all female screening of Wonder Woman but it seems like their anger has not quit.

When it comes to Wonder Woman, men sure do have a lot of opinions. We have already reported that Alamo Drafthouse is offering a women-only screening of the film for those who are women or identify as such. (In fact, there’s now more than one screening taking place.)

It’s a wonderful thing and will make a great experience for those with tickets to the screenings (myself included). Well, men were not too happy about it and they still are complaining. You’d think after two days, they’d get over it. But here we are.

So of course comedians took to the internet to make fun of those who are angry about it all.

But the thing about it all is why does it matter? Why is a special screening for women only such a bad thing to these men? I know that I’m taking my niece and going with my mom and sister-in-law because there’s no one else in the world I’d rather watch a female superhero movie with.

So why do these men have such a problem? Is it because they want to go to the screening too to show women that they support female led movies? Or is it because they also want to donate money to Planned Parenthood?

Well lucky for them, they can still see the movie at every other screening and they can even donate money to Planned Parenthood too!

And to the men who have tickets that are going to be rude about it, how about you just don’t? For once, this isn’t about you.

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Wonder Woman comes out on June 2 and you should get your tickets today! It is an incredible movie and everyone should see it!