Men are not taking lightly to women only screenings of Wonder Woman


The idea that Wonder Woman is a film made just for women is foolish but she is important to us. But men apparently are upset by women only screenings.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2 but already men are getting angry. Why, you ask? In an effort to get everyone excited about the film, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas has a special screening. And their Facebook post about said screening went viral.

Basically men took offense to the fact that there was a women only screening entitled “Wonder Woman for the wonder women” because really, this movie has been a long time coming for most of us. While yes, men can and do love Diana Prince, it’s different for women. We sat by since the Christopher Reeve Superman movies came out and waited for a female led superhero movie.

They told us “You got a Wonder Woman television show” like it was enough. So yeah, we’re excited about this movie. And it’s amazing what Alamo Drafthouse is doing! What’s not amazing are the responses from men on their Facebook page.

It’s funny because it’s like men suddenly realize how much it sucks to have something that isn’t made for them. Wonder Woman is something everyone wants to be a part of but it is, primarily, special to women.

And of course I had to put my own two cents in to the mix because really, the only opinions I care about are those of my fellow ladies who have waited for Diana to take her first steps on the big screen too.

So yes, this movie is for us all. For everyone who didn’t know they could be a hero. And by us all, I mean us women. Because after all, Diana is no man.

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You can purchase tickets for the special screenings on Alamo Drafthouse’s website.