20 most upbeat superhero stories

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Cover of She-Hulk #7 (Image via Marvel)

16. She-Hulk

As you’ve likely guessed from the name, She-Hulk is a direct play on the Hulk name. In fact, Jennifer Walters, the embiggened green person in question, is a cousin of the infamous Bruce Banner. When Walters receives an emergency blood transfusion from her scientist cousin, she is accidentally infected by his gamma-irradiated cells.

Walters soon becomes a milder version of the Hulk, with the enhanced stature and bright green skin but without the rage issues. Jennifer also keeps her intelligence and personality, which is a big relief for her burgeoning law practice.

Whether or not She-Hulk’s story is upbeat or not has a lot to do with what series you’re reading. She’s been around since 1980, after all. Still, Jennifer’s character and story are more often interesting and upbeat than they’re not. And while watching her fight bad guys with the Avengers is fun, the character actually works a little better in her chosen legal field.

That’s best exemplified in the 2014 She-Hulk series by writer Charles Soule and artist Javier Pulido. Though the series was canceled after its 12th issue (mostly due to low sales), there’s much to love about the story.

Jennifer Walters, for example, swings between delightfully self-assured, to humbleness in a way that’s both amusing and respectful of her character. She’s also irreverent and witty while still getting the job done. Add in a cast of supporting and one-off characters such as Hellcat, Daredevil, and a giant robot version of Doctor Doom, and you’ll be sure to enjoy it all.