20 most upbeat superhero stories

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Amazing Spider-Man #267: The Commuter Cometh cover (Image via Marvel)

12. Amazing Spider-Man #267: The Commuter Cometh

Spider-Man already has a reputation as a fun, silly character. You might think you’re mistaken if you take on one of the more dark story lines, such as the death of Gwen Stacy or where an old Peter Parker inadvertently killed Mary Jane with his irradiated body fluids. Those exceptions aside, however, Spider-Man is more often a safe haven for the comedy-loving comics fan than it isn’t.

After all, Peter Parker is usually depicted as a teenager or, at the very least, a young adult. That’s ripe territory for snappy, sassy comebacks and irreverent storylines.

So, what’s the most funny Spider-Man comic? While there’s plenty of room to argue, like with anything in comics, many point to Amazing Spider-Man #267 as one of the best. Between its satirical take on suburbia and witty, concise writing by Peter David, you’re sure to enjoy it.

It’s an interesting take on the standard “fish out of water” kind of story that often plagues Peter Parker. Spider-Man witnesses a crime in NYC and follows the apparent bad guy. However, said villain lives in the ‘burbs around NYC. This quickly proves awkward for Spider-Man, as there are no longer any high-rises for him to swing from. Things hardly get easier for him when he encounters the unselfconsciously weird denizens of the neighborhood. Even when the so-called villain is little more than some schmuck, at least Spider-Man follows through, to truly comedic effect.