Supergirl: Floriana Lima drops to recurring status, so what does that mean for #Sanvers?


Sanvers appears to be one of the top “ships” on Supergirl, but The CW announced Floriana Lima won’t be a series regular next season, so now what?

Floriana Lima joined the cast of Supergirl in its second season as Detective Maggie Sawyer, who at one point in the comics dated Kate Kane a.k.a Batwoman. However, on television, Maggie acted as the catalyst for Alex Danvers’ (Chyler Leigh) coming-out story. With all due respect, once Alex came out to her family and started to date Maggie, the story pretty much fizzled out.

Which is unfortunate, because the legion of fans behind #Sanvers is pretty vast.

Over the course of season 2, Alex and Maggie fell in love, we discovered that Maggie didn’t always tell the truth (that’s putting it lightly), Alex was kidnapped … then, Alex proposed. Obviously, I can’t sum it all up, but if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be that hard — they didn’t get a lot of airtime.

Since season 2 ended with Alex’s proposal and a happy(?) Maggie smile, everyone assumed that we’d be seeing more of Floriana Lima next season, right?

Wrong. TVLine reports that Lima won’t be returning as a series regular this October when Supergirl returns for season 3. She’ll appear in a recurring role, which means #Sanvers probably isn’t endgame.

As the show’s EP Andrew Kreisberg explained in a statement:

"“We adore Floriana and have loved working with her to tell this inspiring story. Although she’s not available to us as a series regular next season, as she’s looking to pursue other opportunities, we’re happy she’ll be returning for multiple episodes in Season 3.”"


Does that mean the Alex and Maggie wedding won’t happen? Is Maggie pursuing “other opportunities” too? Are they going to do long-distance just to be annoying and keep Alex from ever kissing another woman onscreen? Instead of worrying about their break-up, I’d rather list all the other people Alex could be dating *cough*Lucy*cough* on Supergirl.

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Supergirl season 3 returns to The CW this fall.