Red Nose Day Actually is everything we loved about Love Actually


If you cry whenever you hear that score from Love Actually, buckle in for their special called Red Nose Day Actually. It’s cheesy and perfect.

Love Actually took audiences by storm when it was released and slowly but surely it became many peoples favorite holiday movie. With an all star cast, the London-centric movie swept up our hearts and we yearned for all our movies to be like it.

In fact, we loved it so much that there were multiple attempts at other holiday movies to match Love Actually. None were ever anything like the movie we hold so dear but they were worthy attempts.

The film starts off with Mark outside of Juliet’s door with his signs once more but this time, it’s a bit different.

My main question after watching it is this: Why is Patrick Dempsey in this? From Bridget Jones’s Baby to this, Patrick Dempsey is taking all our British loves and putting himself in them.

But that’s just one part of this amazing special! Every character we loved (with the exception of Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s characters) were addressed. And we got to see how happy they are now, 14 years later.

The best part of the whole special is the press conference that Daniel (Hugh Grant) gives at the end. Many were questioning whether or not he was still the optimistic Prime Minister we saw at the end of the movie. Did he still think love actually is all around? Well Daniel’s response was pretty great.

“Love is going to win, I’m sure of it.” And hopefully it does. So while it was cheesy and seemed like just an easy way to get fans excited, it still had us crying at the end because really, when wasn’t Love Actually cheesy?

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Red Nose Day Actually is is everything we loved about the original and more.