10 Reasons Love Actually Gets Us into the Holiday Spirit

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Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Love Actually is a movie that many watch with family every year, but there is something more to it. It makes us all realize what the holidays are about.

Love Actually has become a staple among Christmas movie watchers. Many turn to it every year and enjoy the holidays with this strange movie that started a trend in movie making history. Before it, there was nothing really like it. Now we have a whole run of holiday themed movies trying to capture the magic that Love Actually has.

No other film has had the same success, and maybe it is because there was just something magically about that first run at it. The film shows us how we are all connected in one way or another and not in an obnoxious way. It was just a group of people who loosely knew one another, so it worked.

That’s why the film has held up all these years later. We just love experiencing everyone falling in love with each other time and time again.

So we decided to take on the task of giving ten reasons as to why the film puts us all in the holiday spirit. From Mark’s declarations to Juliet with the Christmas carolers to families running to each other in the airport, Love Actually makes us all love Christmas and here is why.