Victoria season 2: When does the first released scene take place?


The first clip of Victoria’s second season shows a very specific event that probably pinpoints about when the season will start.

The first season of Victoria ended with Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of the queen giving birth to her first child. The infant Victoria started life out as her mother’s heir, and she was treated like one.

Variety noted that PBS’ Masterpiece block just released the first scene from season 2.

Check it out below:

Although it seems unlikely that the actual episode will play the theme song of the entire series for the baptism of baby Victoria, the event itself does actually tell us about when the second season will start. Victoria, the Princess Royal, was born in November of 1840. However, her baptism didn’t occur until February 10, 1841, which Variety also specifies. (That was her parents’ first anniversary. Just remember: Victoria thought Albert was a total hottie. And Victoria as a series did not really exaggerate that point at all.)

In fact, her parents had the font used for her baptism specially made for her. Per the information in its entry on the Royal Collection’s website, it had to be changed, possibly because she was a princess and not a prince.

Because this event seems like a natural progression from where season 1 left off, it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that this event will anchor the first episode of Victoria season 2. Variety says that the season begins “six weeks” after season 1, but the difference between the baptism and the birth is more like three months. Then again, the show has compressed a lot of time into one single episode before.

In other words, our speculation that this baptism happens in the first episode and Variety‘s reporting could very well both be correct.

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However, Victoria‘s second season currently doesn’t have a start date on either side of the pond. Hopefully, more clips will come out between now and then.