15 Pieces of History That Victoria Did Differently

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Jenna Coleman as Victoria and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert (Photo: (C) ITV Plc)

Period drama Victoria is a lot of fun to watch. But it’s not exactly completely true to history a lot of the time. Here are fifteen pieces of history that the show got wrong.

Period drama Victoria his a hit on both sides of the pond. Viewers everywhere love this story about the early reign of one of England’s greatest queens. And the show has something for everyone. Romance, political intrigue, scandal – it’s all here. With plenty of gorgeous costumes and attractive actors on top. In short: It’s a lot of fun.

That said, Victoria is a show that’s a drama first, historical piece second. It isn’t a documentary. Or even that concerned about being factually accurate. There are several big moments (and many smaller ones) that are completely inaccurate, historically speaking. Story points that just didn’t happen in real life. Characters who didn’t exist.  In short, the show tweaks history all over the place, in little ways. And you know what? It kind of doesn’t matter at all.

Some of the inaccurate things? Make for pretty great TV. And if you like Victoria, why not use that interest in the queen and her court as an impetus to learn more about her real life? (It really was crazy dramatic.) Just maybe don’t expect a fancy British costume drama to teach you history. You’ll have a lot more fun that way.

Here are 15 things that Victoria got either totally or partially incorrect (historically speaking) to get you started.