Game of Thrones: What do these new season 7 photos mean?


Arya and Drogon feature quite prominently in some of the freshest photos from the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Let’s dig deep into what we can see.

Monday proved quite fruitful for Game of Thrones fans. Entertainment Weekly dropped a group of new photos from the upcoming season of the show.  With such little officially confirmed information, it’s time to look at these show and behind the scenes photos and try and piece together what’s going on.

Let’s start with Arya. Although fans had one look at her in the first batch of season 7 images, this one sees her more obviously on the road. The lighting between the two images is starkly different. However, it looks like she’s wearing the same outfit in both shots. Check her shoulders, and you can see the same suede-like brown mini-cape in both.

Pointedly, the photo of Jon Snow also has him on a horse. Jon and Arya, way back when before Ned Stark was dead, had a special connection. Granted, these are just a pair of publicity photos, but it seems like with Arya back on Westeros, the two of them may reunite. Sansa and Jon’s reunion last season was quite emotional. Jon and Arya’s might be even more so. Of course, as EW notes, Jon might be leaving Winterfell. It could end up being a story of the two missing each other as one heads back home and one leaves it.

Gwendoline Christie’s Brienne of Tarth only had her back appearing in those first photos, but now we have a brief glimpse at the front of her armor. Since it’s a behind the scenes shot, we don’t have a full look at her armor, but, like everyone else at Winterfell, even she has fur on. (It’s winter, you know!)

But perhaps the biggest photo of all is this one of Drogon. Way back when, some particular spoilers told us that Dany would ride on Drogon anyway. He’s been large enough to ride for quite some time now. Notably, it doesn’t look as though there’s any sort of saddle that we can see on the dragon. With the fire in the background, this seems like a battle scene, so it seems rather unsafe for this claimant to the Iron Throne to not even have something to sit on.

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Other than that, the rest of these photos show things we’ve already seen from different angles. Game of Thrones can’t really reveal too much of the new season, right?