The Wonder Woman cast did a Q&A in Los Angeles and it was interesting


When it comes to Wonder Woman, people have some interesting questions but even she couldn’t get out of the ‘what are you wearing’ question.

The cast of Wonder Woman sat down with Syfy to do a Facebook live event for fans of the movie and it was quite an interesting event. While the questions were pretty great, there was, of course, a question about their costumes.

Because really, we can’t get out of a Wonder Woman question and answer session without a ‘what are you wearing’ kind of question? And of course it was some man who didn’t make it more interesting.

When they talked about the ‘costumes’, I personally got a little angry. But Connie Nielsen, who plays Hippolyta, saved it since she talked only of the weapons they used and then director Patty Jenkins brought in the fighting style. There was a joke from Robin Wright about the leather underwear but it was more about how the women were amazing outside of their costumes.

That then turned into a lot of ‘girl power’ questions which is more the speed of what we fans wanted. And from there, it was just all about the fighting styles and the bumps and bruises and pretty much it just became all about how amazing these women are.

So, if anything, this Q&A just made us even more excited for the movie to come out. We’re going to get to see Diana on the big screen and that’s all we’ve ever wanted. And it helps that this is being hailed as the best superhero movie out there.

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Wonder Woman comes out on June 2 and you can get your tickets today! If the reviews are anything to go by, this is one you’re not going to want to miss! So get them before they sell out!