New Wonder Woman clips show our favorite hero and her lasso of truth


Wonder Woman is quickly approaching but that doesn’t mean we’re not getting more and more footage of the movie to get us excited for what’s to come!

While we can’t talk about the Wonder Woman movie clips since they’re not from Warner Brothers themselves, we can touch on what happens in those scenes. So if you’re not into spoilers for the movie out June 2, maybe don’t read on.

Okay, you’re good? You want to know what happens? Well here we go. So in one scene, we get to see what we know as the lasso of truth work its magic on Steve Trevor. The Amazons are asking about what he is doing there and what is happening and he cannot resist the lasso and tells them that he is a spy.

In another scene, Steve uses the lasso to prove to Diana that he is not lying about lying to Ares. Honestly, it is truly a wonderful scene that begins to show their relationship grow. Other than that, the scenes released were all just further scenes that we already saw in the trailers.

While we still have at least another week before a lot of fans (including myself) can see the movie, the buzz is surely picking up. It’s going to be a great film and not one we’ll want to miss. And if the reviews are anything to go by, many people are really loving what Patty Jenkins has done with Wonder Woman and the hero we all adore.

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Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2 but there are fan events starting this Wednesday. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket (like me) get ready for a wonderful adventure. After all, we finally get to see Diana on the big screen in her own movie.