Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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Gretchen and Jimmy – You’re the Worst

I don’t really have to make a case for these two being so dreadful. It’s built right into the name of the show. The entire premise of the series is built around how these two are completely failing at being productive members of society.

Jimmy is a selfish, pompous, English writer living in Los Angeles. His inflated sense of self-grandeur makes him almost impossible to be around. He works his novel into almost every conversation, and has delusions he is some sort of celebrity. He’s not. He’s the worst.

Gretchen is just as self-centered as Jimmy, but her self-indulgence manifests itself in destructive patterns that make her life a total mess. She is so abrasive and caustic that she even verbally attacked her own therapist. She reliably alienates the people she loves, uses her acquaintances, and totally offends complete strangers. She is about as toxic as a human person can be. Ergo, she is also the worst.

Separately, the two are just horrendous people, but together, they are a special kind of nasty. They feed off each other’s entitlement and privilege, and continually poison the immediate vicinity. Don’t go anywhere near these people. For your own good.