Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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Archie Andrews – Riverdale

Archie’s sheer blandness is the most unlikable thing about him, really. Even with that red hair, those abs, and the strong jawline, there’s just not much there. He’s not as broody as Jughead, dark and twisty as Betty, or as edgy as Veronica.

He’s kind of a dead weight that the rest of the cast has to drag around. They tried to make him more interesting by giving him a singing talent and relationships with a handful of interesting ladies throughout the first season. This still wasn’t enough to make me care about him.

This is just plain annoying. Why are the writers at Riverdale wasting our time by giving Archie so little to do? He’s the main character, for heaven’s sake. Shouldn’t we be super invested in him, rooting for his heroic outcomes, and ‘shipping him with everyone? Yes. Yes, we should.

Instead, we’re saddled with a simple lunk-head with very little sparkle. Maybe I find the writers unlikable since they are so clearly wasting the wonderful KJ Apa’s talents. He could be so much better than what Archie’s doing. Hopefully season 2 will be better, if Camila Mendes’ guesses are any indication. Since she plays Veronica, she might know more than I do at this point.