Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City

I know she was supposed to be our fearless heroine, divining the ins and outs of single, city life. But Carrie Bradshaw, and her Sex and the City co-stars, are mostly awful. Carrie was lovely and stylish, and she had a lot of terrible romantic stuff happen to her, but none of that negates the fact that she wasn’t really all that likable of a human.

For one, Carrie was an awful friend. She’s the type to listen to your stuff for about half a second, and then hijack the conversation so that it’s about her. Her friends’ problems were never as important as hers, and she never really went out of her way to offer any real kind of support. Remember when Miranda moved to Brooklyn and Carrie said some of the meanest stuff to her? Yea. She’s the worst.

Next, she’s a rotten girlfriend. She acted like going to Aiden’s sweet little cottage was like being sentenced to dig ditches, and he acted far too prissy and stuck up for him to be that understanding. Not to  mention the cheating. Poor Aiden.

Her self-destructive patterns are enough to make us hate her, but her lack of self-awareness and in her inability to take responsibility for anything in her own life makes her practically insufferable.