Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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The entire cast of GIRLS

Oy, with these women. They’re downright unbearable. Between their millennial entitlement, their anemic work ethics, and their complete lack of empathy and compassion, they are all just terrible. It’s like they all walk around inside a little self-indulgent bubble, and only experience the world through the thick haze of their own very low-stakes problems.

When the show first started, the foursome were freshly post-college, without much real-world experience to speak of. Of course, their naiveté  gave them a little latitude in audience’s opinions, but the constant complaining and attention seeking grew weary as they got older.

As early twenty-somethings, we thought Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa were just suffering from the silliness of  youth. But as almost-thirty year olds, it’s far less charming, and a whole lot more annoying. It’s like they are constantly trying to out problem each other, and it wasn’t until the last season that they developed any sort of self awareness.

Of course, Hannah and her city sisters were always meant to be a bit of satire of contemporary youth and a (mild) indictment of young women in her generation, but often the characters were so despicable, the lesson got lost among the eye rolls, gratuitous nudity, and senseless social media.