Saturday Night Live season 42, episode 21 the Rock recap


Our favorite sketch comedy show had it’s finale last night and we are here to recap every exciting moment that happened on Saturday Night Live.

The finale of Saturday Night Live was a pretty star studded event but would you expect anything else for the finale? And the introduction of the Rock into the five-timers club? So we have a recap of every sketch from the night!

Cold Open

The cold open from the episode after the election is still being talked about around the country. So Saturday Night Live decided to bring it back in a terrible way. Terrible in a good, funny way but still terrible. This time, Donald Trump sang to us and it was hilarious.

It was funny simply because everyone in Trump’s family and cabinet (minus Sean Spicer) sang about how they’re never going to give up because Trump didn’t do anything wrong.

Opening Monologue

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now a member of the Five Timers club and that’s an exciting thing. Why? Well because that means he joins the ranks of Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy, Steve Martin and, more importantly, Tom Hanks. Who is his new running mate for president.

That’s right folks, the Rock and Tom Hanks are running for office together. And really, wouldn’t you vote for Johnson/Hanks 2020?

Cartier AD

You know that woman you love who just is a little too much to handle? Well, now you can get her a Cartier fidget spinner. That’s pretty much the sketch. It’s just kind of funny and they just have Vanessa Bayer looking beautiful and spinning one of those spinner things.

WWE Promo Shoot 2

Can you smell what Coco is cooking? Our favorite Rock sketch is back and this time, he tells his competitor that he is his twin brother from a science experiment. It’s a pretty good sketch and just has the Rock playing Coco and over sharing all of Bobby Moynihan’s secrets.

Rap Song

Sometimes there are just too many people on rap songs and this is definitely one of those cases. Big Chris is just trying to make a good song and there is about 20 extra people on the track. So Big Chris tries to tone it down and can’t.

It’s a pretty funny little sketch for the in between.


Ever wonder how those superheroes can make their own suits? Well, here we find that Scorpio (or Steve) created a whole line based on his skills creating his superhero suit. Pretty great, right? It’s just a fun idea to play with.

The sketch was just about Scorpio’s suit and him having to try and save the world while explaining his suit.


Gemma is back with a mini-pig and a new song! Gemma and her boyfriend get on the Jurassic Park ride in Universal and they forget to tell Glenn’s friend when they water is coming. So she gets soaking wet.

That’s pretty much the sketch but there is a cute pig so you should watch it.

Enhancement Drug

Erectile Dysfunction is a real problem, so real that the Rock will take a pill that will kill him just to make sure his erections are great. That’s it, that’s the sketch. And it’s great. He beats up a doctor at one point for not giving him a prescription and honestly, it’s just a joy.

Katy Perry

Well, it’s all weird. I’m sure there is somewhere in the world where Katy Perry and her performance really struck a cord but here I am, just confused. The songs were okay and it is just a vast departure from some of Katy’s other stuff that is was just okay.

Weekend Update

We got a normal Weekend Update with a nice twist. Bobby and Vanessa are leaving the show and we got to see their best characters take the Weekend Update stage once more. Dawn Lazarus the weather woman and Drunk Uncle gave us their news and it was a wonderful sign off for the two.

The best joke of all of Update though? “President for now Trump”.

RKO Studio

Actors fart too. Sometimes so much so that they fart throughout entire scenes and her co-star has to cover for her. It’s just a good fart joke scene and who doesn’t love a good fart joke? That’s it. There isn’t anything more to it and it is incredible.

World’s Most Evil Invention

Even the most evil inventors of all time can’t handle this child molesting robot and they’re right. It was so bad that they were upset about it. Because even though he wanted to win the contest, every other invention was a shrink ray or a freeze gun. That’s it. And it was a pretty funny sketch just a little cringeworthy but that was the point.


The worst wingman ever gets his new friend a threesome. The problem? That’s not what his friend wants at all. In fact, they aren’t even friends. They just met each other and he’s trying to get him a girl for the night.

But he keeps pushing the threesome idea much to the dismay of the Rock. Then a fivesome comes into play and really, it’s just a funny end of the night sketch.

Senior Video

This is a lovely sign off for Vanessa and Bobby where the class of 2017 just does a sketch for their last day of school!

Overall, it was a pretty amazing episode and the Rock did a great job. But the Rock always does great on Saturday Night Live and we love him for it.

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