The Justice League Pop!s give a closer look at DC’s heroes


Justice League promotions seem like they’ll start early, with Funko confirming an August release for the presumed first line.

With Wonder Woman just about two weeks away, one might expect that the movie would dominate the DC Extended Universe for a little while longer. However, Funko has already started looking to November’s release. That’s Justice League.

All seven of the expected heroes have a fresh variation, it seems, for this line, which will arrive in August.

Check out the tweet and image below:

Far be it from us to knock Wonder Woman’s look, because she looks more ready for action than everyone except Aquaman here. Funko has a nice touch with Arthur Curry, though, by putting the scar through one of his eyebrows.

If you look more closely on Funko’s news post announcing the line, there are actually quite a few textural details. Aquaman also has some scale-like aspects to the green parts of his costume. Meanwhile, Superman is doing what Deadpool dubbed the “superhero landing” pose, not to cross the DC/Marvel streams too much, but, well, it’s hard not to chuckle at it anymore. Wade Wilson’s got a point. It really is bad for the knees. Supes also has a weave-like sculpt for the bulk of his suit.

About the most interesting one here is Batman. The silver really looks different for his costume. Looking at what we’ve seen of the film via official trailer footage, it’s tough to spot where the silver actually comes in aside from a few brief action shots where you can sort of see it gleaming. Perhaps it’s a special, possibly mechanical suit a la the one he wore in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? After all, Bruce Wayne is trying to keep up with the daughter of Zeus, the king of Atlantis, a teenager with super speed, Cyborg, and Superman. After BvS, seeing him prepared for anything probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Speaking of Batman, though, it seems like this figure and Cyborg’s got the short shrift. Each of the other figures has some movement or a different pose than the Funko standard.

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We expect a second wave as more information about the film comes out. Justice League drops Nov. 17.