20 times Thor was the best Marvel superhero

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11. When Thor isn’t perfect

Maybe this is my human-based inferiority complex speaking, but it’s satisfying to see that Thor isn’t entirely a golden child. That’s maybe not reassuring if, say, Thor was real and we had to deal with his god-sized foibles on a regular basis. Fortunately, however, Thor is solidly in the realm of fiction, meaning that his various mistakes and temper tantrums can make for compelling story fodder, rather than the complete destruction of a few buildings and local landmarks.

In the right hands, though, this can be a powerful lesson. It can also make for some really good stories.

On the surface, Thor may at first seem to be perfect. From our limited perspective, a fair swathe of the Asgardians may seem that way. After all, even within the world of Marvel comics, they were all so impressive that they inspired the Norse myths.

But if they really were all perfect, all the time, it would be hard to enjoy reading comics about Thor and the Asgardians. Oftentimes, that’s the same complaint leveled against DC Comics’ Superman, who has had to undergo some serious story and character work to make his tale interesting to more than the most die-hard fans.

It’s far more compelling to see a godlike being fail and then learn to redeem himself, as Thor does multiple times through his long comics history. Even Asgardians need to learn humility, you know.