20 times Thor was the best Marvel superhero

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12. When you remember that he’s an alien god

It’s easy to forget that Thor is a for-real extraterrestrial being. First of all, he appears to us as a standard bipedal human who seems to really enjoy bodybuilding. Yeah, he speaks like he just came out of a Shakespeare workshop, but unless you see him in full gear and with Mjolnir, you could be forgiven for thinking he’s some sort of intellectual gym rat.

But, to slide in here with a real understatement, Asgard is definitely not earth. While it’s often referred to as a “realm”, the truth is that Asgard is another planet far, far away from our own Earth. To get around the galaxy, Thor often uses faster-than-light and interdimensional travel to reach his destination.

While the Asgardians themselves look distinctly humanoid, there’s no mistaking them for us boring old hominids. They are far stronger than we are, as well as faster and more durable. Their bodies are also incredibly dense, contributing to their durability and giving them some serious weight. Plus, Asgardians are incredibly long-lived, though they aren’t immortal.

If that wasn’t enough, then remember that their world is pretty strange. Take, for a somewhat shallow example, their manner of dress. If you think Thor’s winged helmet was kind of funny, then you may want to consider the strange and often elaborate headgear sported by his associates. Bet you won’t see something like that on the streets of your town (apart from a comics convention, obviously). Even on the level of something as basic as how they clothe themselves, it’s clear that the Asgardians – Thor included – are very, very alien.