Summer watchlist: Watch the 25 hottest new shows of the season

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Bachelor in Paradise – August 8

(Warning: You have some bleeped words and a couple NSFW words going on in the above clip.)

Starring: Various and sundry Bachelor and Bachelorette alums

Premise: A bunch  of sexy and horny men and women, who failed at finding love on TV their first go around, are sequestered on an island. These same horny folks try to pair off, save them selves from being eliminated, and make it until the end of the season.

Don’t even try to act like you’re too good to watch nonsense like this. It’s guilty pleasure, hate watch gold. It has everything you need for light, summer fare. It’s got lots of pretty folks wearing skimpy swimsuits, extreme melodrama, romance, second-hand embarrassment, and sometimes a wedding. It’s down right fun.

Most of the time, you’re watching so you can laugh at these people and their drunken antics, but every once in a while, you get huge TV moments. Like when former Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson lost his mind on national television and screamed at Chris Harrison (see above clip). It doesn’t get better than that.

The buzz: There’s not much. This is a utility show that ABC runs purely for fans of the franchise. It’s a reliable ratings draw because it has a built in audience and the cast reliably acts like morons.

Where to watch: ABC