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The Keepers – May 19

Starring: the now dead, Sister Cathy

Premise: Netflix is back in the cold case game with this riveting docu-series about a murdered nun. The show focuses on the case of Sister Cathy Cesnick from 1969. Although the case is unsettling in itself, it’s the cover up that will really suck you in.

The seven part documentary features interviews with friends, family, government officials, journalists, and Baltimore residents as they work to reveal the story behind Sister Cathy’s death. The case made news in recent years when a former student of Sister Cathy came forward to tell her story of abuse and neglect at the hands of some of the clergy at the school. Since then, filmmaker Ryan White has set out to unearth the truth behind what happened and why such an intricate cover up fits the life and death of an virtually unknown nun from Baltimore.

The buzz: It’s good. Ever since Making a Murderer, audiences are hungry for all things true crime, and this will likely satisfy all their cravings. Entertainment Weekly gave it an A-, saying, “In a culture of comic book escapism and stranger things, The Keepers gives us ordinary people as superheroes. They’re the real justice league of Baltimore.”

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