Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 22 synopsis: World’s End


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s fourth season comes to a close this Tuesday at 10pm. To see what’s in store, check out this episode’s official synopsis.

Prepare yourself mentally: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has its season finale tomorrow night.

That means no new episodes until the fall. And all we have to tide ourselves over is…well, that depends. For me, I have a few more weeks of playoff hockey. And then Preacher comes back in June.

Oh, and Inhumans is also a thing, but that’s in September.

So it’s a bit of a sad day, as we close on this chapter of Agents of SHIELD. Because season four may just be the best season of the show so far. The three mini-season arcs helped the series’ pacing issues that it’s had from day one.

And it doesn’t hurt that Robbie Reyes’s Ghost Rider is just so dang enjoyable to watch. Good thing he’s back in this week’s episode!

The official synopsis, courtesy of ABC:

"With the surprising emergence of Ghost Rider, Coulson and the team attempt to stop Aida from ending the world."

Well, if that isn’t straight to the point, I don’t know what is.

And being that Agents of SHIELD was just renewed for a fifth season, it’s safe to say Aida’s plan for world domination probably won’t pan out.

All that being said, can we all just hope and pray that Robbie and his spirit of vengeance somehow manage to stick around for the foreseeable future? He has been a highlight this season, even though it’s been over a dozen episodes since we’ve seen him.

Where will we wind up? More importantly, what horrible cliffhanger will this season end on?

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs new episodes on Tuesdays at 10/9c. Stay tuned for recaps and analysis of every new episode right here on Culturess