Down goes another one: Fox cancels Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens


Ryan Murphy has plenty of shows on television or in the works, but his horror comedy series Scream Queens just got the ax from Fox.

It’s time for the television upfronts, which is where networks release their respective Fall line-ups and cancellations.

Now, when it comes to Ryan Murphy, we all know how much the Fox and FX legions love his work. With shows like Glee, American Horror Story, and The People vs. O.J. Simpson in his back pocket, it comes as no surprise that the network would happily line up more things like a FEUD anthology series and a new series 911 with Angela Bassett. Despite the divisive nature of the Glee fandom (some people like it, some people wish it never existed), Ryan Murphy’s slowly but surely making himself an unstoppable force.

Though all good things must come to an end. Or maybe it’s more appropriate to say that there will always be ups and downs. For Murphy, his recent down comes courtesy of Scream Queens‘ cancellation.

According to Variety, Scream Queens never really found its footing, though it did bring in younger viewers. Admittedly, it was a weird show. I mean, it was a horror comedy. Which means, it made jokes in between killing people, so it makes sense as to how the audience felt mixed.

But at the very least, the actors delivered solid performances every week. Backed by Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer and Abigail Breslin, Scream Queens never failed to take the characters to the edge of sanity. Plus, even its lesser known actors always stood out, like Billie Lourd and Glen Powell.

Furthermore, season 2 brought on John Stamos, but I think its fair to say that apart from the Full House world, Stamos doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lot of staying power.

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So while this comes as unfortunate news for the Ryan Murphy fandom, at least we know there’s still plenty more Ryan Murphy ideas out there.