Supergirl boss promises the season 2 finale is heading toward multiple showdowns


Bigger budget, more elaborate production and multiple showdowns — that’s what Supergirl’s executive producer promises in the big season 2 finale.

We’re really close to the big finale of Supergirl and a lot of stuff is going down. In addition to bringing together the entire cast, plus a few surprising extras, Supergirl‘s putting nearly everything they’ve got into the final episode, “Nevertheless, She Persisted.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklySupergirl‘s executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg, teased a big showdown in the season finale. Actually, he teased “multiple showdowns.” And to shoot multiple showdowns, like the ones between Kara and Rhea, Kara and Zod, and even Kara and CADMUS, Supergirl needed to pull out all the stops:

"“The finale is probably the biggest episode we’ve ever done. We saved a bunch of money to pay for more visual effects and actually added another day to the schedule so we could make it as big as possible, and yet it also has multiple get-your-Kleenex scenes. We’re really excited about it. We’re all blown away.”"

There have been storylines this season — some better than others. We saw CADMUS grow stronger than ever with Cyborg Superman and accessing Lex Luthor’s secret vault (where Lillian found something that we still have no clue about). Plus, Mon-El and all his lies finally caught up with him, which ultimately led to a Daxamite invasion.

(Round of applause to Mon-El for singlehandedly allowing National City to go to the dogs.)

Kreisberg also added:

"“It really feels like the culmination of everything we’ve been doing all season long, all the different story lines, whether it’s Superman and Cat and Cadmus and M’Gann and Mon-El and Lynda Carter and now Rhea, it all comes together in one big two-part story.”"

Where are the two parts, though? Does Monday’s episode count as part of the finale or is he saying there’s going to be a big cliffhanger and we’ll have to wait until season 3 to see the rest of it?

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Supergirl’s next episode, “Resist,” airs on Monday at 8 p.m. ET, with the finale airing on May 22.