Someone submitted a Gilmore Girls LEGO Idea and it’s super accurate


In case you needed a reminder that Gilmore Girls fans are practically everywhere, someone submitted a Luke’s Diner set to LEGO Ideas for consideration.

LEGO has obviously built some really incredible things over the course of its long, long history as a toy company. In addition to imaginative sets, they have life-size creations, theme parks, and movies. But to be fair, the company doesn’t come up with everything on their own.

Instead, they have what’s called the LEGO Ideas program. Basically, anyone with a decent camera and the discipline to create a set can submit an idea. If they get enough supporters, the review board looks at it. Then, if accepted, the LEGO team puts it into production and — boom! New set in stores.

It can really be anything your mind thinks up. For example, a recent Idea spawned The Beatles-inspired Yellow Submarine.

Obviously, The Beatles are cool and all, but are they Stars Hollow cool?

Because Rainer Zufall submitted a Gilmore Girls set for consideration and it’s amazing. It’s so detailed, it deserves to be preserved like the Twickham house. Even Taylor Doosey would give his stamp of approval for it.

Check it out:

Image via LEGO Ideas Image via LEGO Ideas

As you can see, it was definitely created by a fan — or at least, the husband of a fan.

The creator explained on his set page:

"The Idea of building Luke’s Diner came to me, because my wife is a really big Gilmore Girls fan and she asked me to build Luke’s Diner for her. So, since I am a big Lego fan I was glad to do this for her and – here it is 🙂"

In addition to the whole cast of Lorelai, Luke, Jess, Rory, Kirk and Lane, the set includes beautiful details like Luke’s ‘No Cell Phones’ sign and those shelves that TJ built.

(I just wish the chairs were mismatched. We all know how eclectic that diner is.)

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To see this beautiful set hit shelves, you’ll have to sign up for a LEGO ID and back the project. Once it hits 10,000 votes, it will go before the review board!