Starz renews Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for season 2


In news that is not a surprise, but still a huge relief, Starz announced that American Gods will be returning for season 2. Thank gods.

Starz has announced that American Gods is getting a second season. This does not exactly come as a shock, considering the ratings and reviews, and buzz on social media. It has a rating of 95 on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s currently at the top of their Most Popular TV on RT list. Entertainment Weekly reports that 5 million people have watched American Gods since the premiere.

In its press release announcing the second season, Starz crows:

"The series debuted on April 30th at 9PM ET/PT to the most Live+SD series premiere viewers (975K) amongst all current STARZ Original series and 1.575 Million viewers Live +7, a STARZ series premiere record.** The premiere of “American Gods” placed #1 on Nielsen Social Ratings for all scripted broadcast and cable television series on Sunday, 4/30/2017."

But some shows don’t make it through the first season, even with good reviews and unfinished storylines. So, anyway, phew! I was nervous.

Season 3?

At the rate the show is moving forward compared to the book, we’re barely going to be into the story by the end of all eight episodes of season 1. Between that and its current popularity, there was pretty much no way it wasn’t going to get two seasons.

The next question is whether American Gods will be two or three seasons long. Judging by the season 1 titles, the end of episode 8 should put us just about at part two of the book. However, part two is somewhat longer than part one, so if Starz allows it and everyone involved is willing, they could easily fill three seasons with the remainder of the story.There’s this whole subplot with a

See, there’s this whole subplot with a kobold …

And after that, there’s Anansi Boys. This sequel to American Gods stars Orlando Jones’ character, Mr. Nancy. I reported previously that Mr. Jones is quite excited about Anansi Boys. Before American Gods even aired, he told Vanity Fair:

"When Michael and Bryan had called me and asked me about playing the character and walked me through what they were thinking, part of the discussion at that time was Anansi Boys, and that they wanted to spin it off and pursue that character."

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Let’s raise a glass of mead in celebration for this renewal. Then pour it out for the gods, because you surely don’t want to drink that swill. Join me back here after next week’s episode, “Head Full of Snow,” for my recap and review.