Harry Styles has a new album and we’re in love with it


The true rock-n-roll god that he is has come in the form of Harry Styles’ new solo album. It’s perfect and everything we love about the singer.

It takes a special fan of Harry Styles to stay up late listening to his new album to write about it. Okay, that’s a complete lie. It’s definitely all my choice and I’m willingly sitting in my bed at midnight listening to Harry’s first solo album. Why? Because it’s really good.

Now coming from someone who was never really a Harry girl when I was into One Direction (who am I kidding, I still love One Direction), I’m slowly learning that as you grow up your tastes change. Meaning I love Harry Styles and his solo album. I mean, the man rocked a pink suit. Who doesn’t love that?

So I’m going to go through all of Harry’s track on the album and talk about them. Sounds like a daunting task but I think I can manage. (Again, I am already adding every track to every playlist on my Spotify.)

Meet Me in the Hallway

You know those songs that you can just picture in indie movies? Well, that’s this. Just picture a rainy window and someone looking out it while crying. It’s a mix of modern rock with that soft rock music that we loved from eras past. And it is very much a Harry Styles song.

Only problem? Trying to listen past this first song to hear the rest of the album. It’s so good you might just have it on repeat.

"Meet me in the hallwayI just left your bedroomGimme some morphineIs there anymore to do?Just let me knowI’ll be at the doorHoping you’ll come around"

Sign of the Times

It feels like ages ago that “Sign of the Times” was released and we all cried about it for days. Little did we know that the entire album was going to be that amazing! But still, even though we’ve all probably listened to this song at least 10 times a day, it’s a great one.


Want new Beatles music? Well, look no further than “Carolina”. It reminds me of those early Beatles songs that were just so fun and makes you feel good. And maybe that was Harry’s intention but whatever he wanted, this song is just a fun one to have playing.

It’s one of those jams that you’ll listen to with the windows down in the summer. It just makes you feel happy to be listening to it.

Two Ghosts

Harry goes a little country and also a little Ryan Adams for this one. If you want to cry listening to the lyrics, then this is the song for you. It also has the feel of one of those indie movie soundtracks but only if someone is heartbroken.

"We’re not who we used to beWe’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me"

Then, the song gets even more depressing because why not!

"We’re don’t see what we used to seeWe’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half emptyTrying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat"

Sweet Creature

The internet has their theories about this song but again, another heartbreaker for us. Well, it isn’t really sad but maybe it’s just the acoustic guitar that instantly makes you feel things. But whatever it is, you’ll probably be misty eyed after this one.

If you didn’t love Harry before, you’ll love sad boy Harry even more. Most of these songs are those kind that pull at your heartstrings no matter how happy you may be.

Only Angel

Again someone better check that Mick Jagger hasn’t sold his soul to the devil to become Harry Styles. This one reminds us of the classic rock we all still love to jam to. (Unless that’s just me but still.)

It’s like a mix of the Stones with a bit of Harry and just a whole bunch of awesome. It’s definitely a jam and something that we’ll probably all scream sing along to this summer for whatever reasons.


The album goes from pretty tame songs that made us want to cry while looking out of a rainy window to songs like this. For those who haven’t heard “Kiwi” the lyrics are pretty great but also who cares? This is one of those songs that you’ll jump and down to no matter what.

"I’m having your babyIt’s none of your business"

It gets to the point where he says something about his feet getting wet and it’s like he’s paying for it, so maybe don’t let your kids listen to this one but still, it’s a great jam.

Ever Since New York

This was debuted on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago and they never released it online to buy. Meaning that it sounds so amazing on the album because we have only been able to listen to that SNL version for the last few weeks.

But also this is just a pretty good song in general. I personally love a good song where the instruments drop out for a minute and it’s just about the vocals so I’m a sucker for this one.


Now Harry Styles thinks he’s David Bowie. Or an R&B singer. I don’t know but I like it. Truly don’t know how to explain this song. You just have to listen to it. And trust me, you’ll be happy that you did.

From the Dining Table

And to finish us off, Harry wanted us to listen to him sing about being lonely. No really, just break our hearts some more why don’t you.

"Comfortable silence is so overratedWhy won’t you ever say what you want to say?Even the phone missed your call by the way"

Truly, it is a pretty sad one to go out on but this whole album is a whirlwind of emotion so what else did we expect?

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Harry’s album is out now. What are you doing still reading this? Go listen! You need to cry and feel every emotion at once like the rest of us.