Harry Styles debuted Carolina at the Today Show this morning and we loved it!


Harry Styles has his debut solo album coming out this Friday but that isn’t stopping him from debuting new song after song. This morning, we got Carolina!

Love Harry Styles and the Beatles? Well then you’ll love his new song “Carolina”! No really, it sounds so much like a Beatles song and it’s perfect. For those who don’t know, Harry was on the Today Show this morning as the kick off to their summer concert series.

Young girls and women (listen, I was the oldest fan at the One Direction concert and I wish I had slept outside last night for this) lined up and slept on the street for a glimpse at Harry performing his new song.

The song was so good that Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb couldn’t even keep themselves from dancing around and having a good time!

And then, some lucky fans got selfies with the prince himself. (He’s not really a prince but come on, Harry Styles is pretty perfect.)

“Carolina” is just the fourth song that Harry has performed from his first solo album. The first was “Sign of the Times” that was released last month and he performed the song on Saturday Night Live along with “Ever Since New York”.

Then the other day, he also released “Sweet Creature” on Spotify and iTunes.

All four songs prove Harry’s prowess as a musician and has us excited for what the rest of his album will sound like! And if it is anything like these songs, we’re going to be praising this work for years to come!

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Harry’s new album comes out this Friday, May 12. Get ready because if it is anything like the four songs we’ve heard so far, we’re all in for a listening experience like no other.