Matilda The Musical: Sometimes a little naughty is justified


The Tony Award and Oliver Award winning musical, Matilda The Musical, teaches everyone that sometimes being naughty can be justified. Now touring, the musical encourages everyone to stand up for a better life.

Based on the Roald Dahl children’s book, Matilda The Musical explores the life of a talented five year old girl and the people who impact her life. This young girl must learn to overcome difficult parents, an oppressive headmistress and personal doubt to find happiness in her life. The musical encourages the audience to evaluate the people and direction of their own lives.

Throughout the musical, Matilda and her classmates poignantly share their emotions and experiences. From helping each other avoid punishment to finding joy in being a kid, this musical reminds us that each experience creates the person that we become. Good, bad or indifferent, each event can eventually lead to a happy ending.

Matilda The Musical, photo provided by Dr. Phillips Center

Matilda faces common struggles. While she is an extraordinary child, she must learn to adapt her bright mind and unique talents to a world that is less accepting. Although she has an ally in Miss Honey, Matilda must find her path to a better life. By setting an example, Matilda influences the other school children and their actions.

Will revolting children grow up and change?

Since the musical has many children actors, this performance is a great way to introduce children to the theater. By seeing similar aged kids on stage, children can often better relate to the story. The topics of bullying, standing up for yourself and believing in your dreams are common themes for children.

Matilda The Musical, photo provided by Dr. Phillips Center

With the topics of bullying, believing in yourself and being different, kids can relate to these common struggles that they face. Seeing the musical portrayal can spark a conversation. The commonality of the topics can take away the stigma. Hopefully, a child won’t see the differences between everyone. Instead, they could see the similarities.

Matilda The Musical is currently on a national tour. The current stop is at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando, Florida. Tickets are available. Additionally, Dr. Phillips Center partnered with A Gift For Teaching. The organizations are holding a school supply drive during all Matilda performances. Guests who bring a donation will receive a free gift from the show. For more information on the charity event or to purchase tickets for the show, please visit

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Children may want to grow up quickly. But, every child should savor the moments of youth. After all, as Matilda reminds us, everyone is allowed to be a little naughty, sometimes.