Psych is getting a holiday movie but we’re still not sure if it needs one


We don’t always want what’s good for us. Psych is getting a holiday movie, but we’re wary of such a venture three years after the series ended.

Wait, really? Psych? A movie? Hasn’t that…been done for awhile?

Apparently not done enough. Variety reported yesterday that Psych is getting a holiday movie, with production beginning at the end of this month and the movie slated for Christmas time. It takes place (aptly) three years after the end of the show, with the characters reuniting to protect someone they mutually care about when a threat rises. All our favorite pals from the Santa Barbara Police Department will be back. Shawn, Gus, Lassie, Jules, Henry, and Chief Vick will all make an appearance. But as exciting as this might be for Psych fans, I’m not. I’m not completely sold on wanting them back.

Do We Need More Psych?

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Psych. It sold me with its completely unserious demeanor early on, not getting thoughtful until I was already invested in the characters and could afford to cry about them. I had a blast trying to find pineapples hidden in scenes or mentally cataloging all of Gus’s ridiculous nicknames. I watched that weird musical serial that flopped just because Lassie was in it.

But the show is done now and I made my peace with it years ago. There aren’t any loose ends to be wrapped up or questions that need answered, except maybe what the heck is Henry doing with the Psych office. Sure, two hours of Christmas Psych fluff will likely be just fine, but I also worry about the movie trying far too hard to connect with the audience of fans that has grown up since the series ended. You know, oh! Haha! Another pineapple joke, yes. Oh, yes, the joke about Gus being able to smell things really well.  There’s far too much potential here for this to just turn into a long run of weak jokes.

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But that admits a lack of faith in the cast and writers to make this good, and after an enjoyable eight-season run, maybe I should have a little more faith. I’ll be watching with rapt attention this December regardless of whether the movie is a delight or a flop, just to see Shawn dupe a bunch of clueless folks with fake psychic powers once again.