The Late Show with Stephen Colbert just manages to cover the James Comey news


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert doesn’t tape live, but it does, in fact, tape just late enough to ensure that yesterday’s FBI news made it on the show.

If you’ve ever tried to get tickets to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’ve probably realized that Stephen Colbert doesn’t stay up until 11:30 Eastern time just to monologue live on CBS. Instead, the show usually puts everything together in the afternoon. Yesterday, the show had the fortuitous timing of some major news about the FBI and its (now-former) director, James Comey. It meant that the first half of the monologue seemed a little rushed and perhaps not as polished as the second half, which is probably why it’s split into two videos.

Here’s the Comey portion. (No not-safe-for-work words here, although a couple of the jokes he makes in his Donald Trump impersonation are a bit risqué.)

Before you think that he’s exaggerating about when the news came down, according to a tweet by The Daily Beast, the news started coming out late yesterday afternoon. Colbert cites the New York Times story on the matter. Since then, the NYT has published a piece about the next steps in this process. Understandably, the front pages of other major newspapers like the Washington Postthe Wall Street Journal, and more have plenty to say about Comey and the still-ongoing fallout. As we predicted yesterday, it’s going to last into today at the very least, if not through the week and into next week.

But then, Colbert got back to his probably more-scripted part of the opening monologue. He broke out Schoolhouse Rock, presumably on the recommendation of Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget. Here’s what we mean:

Any chance to work in a reference to The Empire Strikes Back is a chance that should be taken. Before you ask if that clip of Representative Raul Labrador is actually real (and his excuse about it not being “elegant”), here’s Colbert’s source: ABC News. Additionally, Labrador will run for governor of Idaho, something also announced yesterday.

Next: Colbert rounds up last week's news

Presumably, Comey will again dominate tonight’s Late Show. However, the day is still young, and things could change.