Stephen Colbert kicks off the week with a news roundup


To ease people back into the week, Stephen Colbert on last night’s episode of The Late Show threw in some stories his earlier monologues had missed.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert technically isn’t news. However, considering how many news reports it can cite in one monologue, it’s at least news-adjacent for host Stephen Colbert’s opener. It’s usually a little funnier, too. But sometimes, Colbert has to focus more on bigger stories — like the American Health Care Act passing — which means that other things fall by the wayside a little bit.

That’s where Monday night’s monologue comes in. It basically wraps up some of the smaller — but still potentially funny — stories from last week. Here’s Colbert, without any words not safe for work, although there is a discussion of gin:

Let’s start with the Bombay Sapphire story. As the CNN Money article states, the recall affects Canada, and apparently only Canada at this point in time and as of this writing. In fact, the National Post does explain how to identify if you have an affected bottle.

Tom Perriello’s campaign actually did post its “Ambulance” ad on May 4, the same day that the health care bill passed the House of Representatives. Colbert focused on the candidate nailing the take. We’re a bit more curious about how on Earth the campaign actually found an old ambulance to crush in the first place.

The Chief Usher Colbert is talking about is named Angella Reid. The article from the Washington Post that he cites points out that chief ushers are practically installations. It also adds that “[sudden] dismissals from the White House’s permanent staff are rare.” Meanwhile, Colbert’s use of the Slate article, which quotes the Post extensively, has a different quote from presumably the same Douglas Brinkley that the Post quotes as well.

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Tonight’s episode of The Late Show, however, will feature John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Jon Stewart among others, per a CBS press release.

Will you be tuning in?