Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 21 live stream: Watch online


With one episode to go before the season finale, you’ll want to be streaming Agents of SHIELD right when it airs. We’ve got your hookup.

So what are the thoughts on Agents of SHIELD lately? Mostly, what sort of powers did Aida give her human counterpart? Are we still calling her Aida or is she Ophelia now? If she gave herself Inhuman powers, does her Madame Hydra “kill all Inhumans” mindset still live in this real world? Isn’t that hypocritical of her?

And is Agents of SHIELD going to answer these questions before the finale next week?

Some of these are more pressing than others. And some I didn’t even mention! Like where Fitz’s mind is and if Aida can keep him cemented in his “Leopold Fitz” mindset.

The official synopsis, in case you may have missed it:

"Coulson and the team’s victory in the Framework is short-lived, as an even deadlier enemy looms against them all."

I’m kind of hoping that “The Return” isn’t just a bigger metaphor for everyone’s arrival back in the real world, but more of what reinforcements they may need to call in. And I mean in an LMD form–or whatever this hybrid human form is. How about a Grant Ward that would die for SHIELD instead of Hydra?

Or maybe it’s that Bobbi and Hunter cameo I want so badly! Can we bring them back into the SHIELD-fold?! Please? Who do I need to talk to to get this done?

Here are all the details you need to watch Agents of SHIELD online:

Date: Tuesday, May 8
Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “The Return”
Channel: ABC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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