Star Wars’ Han Solo finally gets to inspire more items


Bioworld has confirmed the existence of a Han Solo-themed set of items, but it looks like fans will have to wait some time to pick them up.

Admittedly, Luke Skywalker is probably more important to the plot of Star Wars as a whole. After all, he’s the son of the chosen one, the one who brings the Jedi back (and maybe also wants to end them if The Last Jedi‘s trailer is any indication), and so on and so forth. But Han Solo is pretty cool, let’s face it. From shooting (first) in a Mos Eisley cantina to struggling to rewire a door on the forest moon of Endor, he has a smirk and a quip for basically any situation where Leia isn’t involved.

But, speaking from personal experience here, there’s a curious lack of Han-Solo-themed accessories or items out there. You can find some of them, to be sure, but even Chewbacca has a set of boots now.

Fortunately, Bioworld will help correct this imbalance in the fashion Force. The Kessel Runway noted this announcement, and we tip our hats to them.

Technically, these pieces form part of a greater collection inspired by The Empire Strikes Back. It’s pretty timely. (The Last Jedi is also the second film in a Star Wars trilogy, and it’s coming out this year.) The Kessel Runway notes that an Imperial side to this set also exists.

Of course, you may think that the color scheme looks too much like other Han Solo outfits. In our rundown of Star Wars‘ most iconic looks, we noted often that Han’s palette doesn’t change all that much. The quilting details, though, tie it to Hoth and Han’s parka, specifically. Even though he expresses his desire to leave on Hoth, each item has the Rebel Alliance symbol on it nevertheless. (Besides, he really only leaves because of that pesky carbonite situation.)

Although Bioworld’s own Instagram post does not confirm a release window, The Kessel Runway reports that these will be part of the company’s offerings at the San Diego Comic Con in July. However, they do not appear to be exclusives at this time, per The Kessel Runway as well.

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