Loungefly’s Latest Darth Vader Bag Has A Different Look at the Sith Lord


Although Loungefly’s latest Star Wars bag features Darth Vader, the overall effect is a bit different than you may expect.

The timing of these Star Wars releases by Loungefly seems to suggest that the company will simply continue putting out new bags throughout the year. After all, we’ve just come out of Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Fans who have seen The Last Jedi‘s trailer are probably looking for the latest in fashion to show off their devotion to that galaxy far, far away.

Enter this Darth Vader crossbody and wallet set, found by The Kessel Runway, coming from Loungefly, and available only on Box Lunch as of this writing.

Let’s start with the bag:

The Kessel Runway and the official description both note that it has a pretty “biker gang” feel to it, especially with the font used. Yours truly’s first impression went along the lines of “Isn’t that the font that Sons of Anarchy used?” Apparently, the answer is yes, if this official T-shirt from the show is any indication.

Anyway, per Box Lunch’s description, that’s faux leather on the sides and straps. That’s pretty expected, since Vader himself wears leather. However, the denim on the front panel is a nice touch — it also brings it into that biker aesthetic and provides a nice contrast to the shinier sides. It’s quite the nice-sized bag at 14″ x 10″ x 4″, according to Box Lunch.

As you may expect, the wallet just scales things down and drops the “Galactic Empire” patch. It does keep all of the other patches, though. You can see on the website that the back of the wallet is also faux leather, maintaining the same contrast as the larger purse.

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What do you think of this different take on Darth Vader? Will you be adding this purse to your collection?