Saturday Night Live season 42 episode 19 Chris Pine recap


This recap for Saturday Night Live is going to be a special one because I got to go to the live taping of the show and see it in studio!

This week’s Saturday Night Live was a very special one indeed. Not only did Chris Pine (my favorite actor) host but I got to be live in studio when it happened! I will write up a full story on what happened, how I got there, and actually talking to Chris Pine later but for now, here is our recap of his SNL episode!

Cold Open

Unfortunately Alec Baldwin as Trump didn’t make an appearance last night. But we did get to hear a bit of him in this Morning Joe cold open. The only thing it had missing was Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat actually making out. But we’ll take a nose bite!


Don’t know which Chris Chris Pine actually is? Don’t worry about it! He explains it all to you set to the tune of “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel! And I loved every second of it. Especially when a huge banner in shiny gold that says Chris Pine fell from the ceiling. In the studio I asked “can I have that” out loud. No one answered me though.

World Peace Rap

“So much pain in the USA, so much pain in the world today.” As dramatic as this is, I would like to state now, for the record, that I want Chris Pine to play Roger in RENT: The Musical because this was perfect. And he even had a dramatic fire escape moment!

Swat Recon

Remember when a fake fashion show was fun? Well these two men in their mid-thirties aren’t letting go of their childhood happiness just yet. It’s a bit of a weird one but it is perfect because it is just showing us pure happiness AND we get Chris Pine jumping on a ball. What’s not to love?

The House

Never in my life have I watched a show like this but honestly, would watch The House if it meant Chris Pine, Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett just had fake drama and resolved it quickly. No really, can we make this show a reality?

LCD Soundsystem

The last time I went to a live taping of SNL, the musical guest was just okay. I didn’t enjoy it and I was bored. LCD Soundsystem was truly the opposite experience for me. It was magical watching them and their new songs are incredible.

But maybe it was just better because it’s LCD Soundsystem and what’s not to love about them?

Weekend Update

There is a new segment that truly makes Weekend Update hilarious this week: The weather girl. She gets nervous and can barely talk and it was honestly just so dumb funny that the audience couldn’t quit laughing.

And Leslie Jones of course talked about her trip and how amazing she is and really, there were very few flaws in this episode. Maybe I’m a bit biased but it was truly one of the best episodes of Saturday Night Live in quite sometime.

Auto Shop

Ever wonder what straight guys who like RuPaul’s Drag Race act like? Well, wonder no further! In this sketch, the auto shop boys talk about Rupaul and all things Drag Race and we even get Chris Pine shaking his butt against a wall while he’s lip-synching for his life.

The Handmaid’s Tale

White men are the worst. Or at least, that’s what we’re getting with this sketch about The Handmaid’s Tale. The new show on Hulu has taken the world by storm so of course Saturday Night Live had to take their shot at it.

Basically the girls are trying to explain what is going on to Chris Pine and his friends and the men just don’t listen to the women and eventually get them arrested.

Star Trek Lost Episode

I’m going to write in all caps because this is important: CHRIS PINE PLAYED WILLIAM SHATNER PLAYING CAPTAIN KIRK AND WE ALL LIVED TO SEE IT. See how important that was? If you listen closely, you can hear me yelling “WOOHOO” when the Starship Enterprise is flying. Why? Because it’s the Enterprise and a man had said “oh that’s a Star Trek” ship behind me and I got angry.

The sketch is pretty funny. Spocko was added to the show to try and save it and basically all he does is look into the camera and go “Now that’s a Star Trek” and I think we should all start doing that from now on.

Couples’ Dinner

Now here is the thing about this sketch: this confirmed that someone found my Twitter account and wanted to give me the best Chris Pine episode of all time. Why? Because it is a weirdly niche joke to make and only someone like me (who loves Pine and Sunday in the Park with George) would get this.

And so I got this sketch and flipped out in the studio. You can hear me go “AH” when they start singing.

Honestly, this was a perfect episode and I’m just so proud of my favorite actor!

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