Chris Pine’s Saturday Night Live promo is far from the normal


This week, we’ll have a new Saturday Night Live with host Chris Pine and his promo is a little different from normal! But very much him.

As stated before, I’m very excited for this week’s Saturday Night Live. Why? Because Chris Pine is hosting! And if you don’t know why that’s important, you can look at my whole slew of articles about him and his importance. No really, I’ve written loads.

So with musical guest LCD Soundsystem, Chris will take to the stage. The writers strike never came to fruition and my dreams are being realized. So what is his promo for the show like? Normally, it’s the actor and the musical guest with a cast member. They say their names, they make a joke, and we’re excited about Saturday Night Live. What does my lovely favorite actor do?

Well, take a look:

I saw this and my first thought was “Chris, what are you doing?” Whose  idea was it? I’d like to thank them. Basically, as you saw, Chris was just chilling on the stage. For reference, here is what the normal SNL promos tend to look like.

See the difference? Maybe they’ll film one of these and release it. Or maybe not. I personally love Chris’s because it is very much what I expect from him. He’s cool, he’s calm, he rocks his gray beard and that shirt like no one else. Basically, this entire week is for me and I’m happy about it.

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Are you excited about Chris Pine’s Saturday Night Live? If not, don’t talk to me. Or I guess you can share your opinion in the comments below. Just know, I won’t agree.