Blade Runner 2049 released posters and a teaser and it has us excited


If you’re a fan of the original, get ready for Blade Runner 2049. The new posters and teaser for the trailer has fans talking everywhere.

As someone who has been excited about Blade Runner 2049 since its announcement, these new promotional images and teaser trailers have made me a happy camper. Here’s the thing that a lot of people have been asking: why?

The original Blade Runner is such an iconic film and so many people want to just leave it alone but enough time has passed that I truly think this sequel could be amazing. And who knows! Maybe it’ll bring a new love to the film to people who have never liked it beforehand!

And to answer your question about whether Rick Deckard is a replicant or not, well, he is in his 70s in this movie so I think that pretty much covers it.

First, we got these two posters yesterday. First, one of Rick standing in front of a statue that is beginning to break apart.

The best part of it is that Harrison Ford clearly said “no, I’m good” to the costume department for this movie. That or Rick has retired his leather jacket and button ups for some cotton comfort in his old age.

The second image sparked quite a few questions because really, what is Ryan Gosling hiding in that collar of his?

And now, for the best part of it all. Here is the teaser trailer where you see Robin Wright talking about the ‘order’ they must keep. We see Ryan Gosling and of course, we get a glimpse at Rick Deckard himself.

Pretty great, right? And this is just the beginning! We’ll have lots more Blade Runner 2049 promo coming our way as we get closer to the film’s release!

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