Blade Runner 2049 Footage is Debuted at CinemaCon


When Blade Runner 2049 was announced, many speculated what this movie would be like. And now, it is seemingly absolutely everything we wanted.

Blade Runner 2049  has been something we’ve wanted for years. We wanted to know if Rick was a replicant and what is happening in this futuristic world we learned of. Well, we’re finally getting our sequel. And spoiler alert, there isn’t any way Rick is a replicant because Harrison Ford has definitely aged.

And now, we’re getting information on the movie. For professionals at CinemaCon, the Sony Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman assuaged fears of fans not rushing out to see the movie when it is released.

Variety covered the footage that was released at the event and it has us pretty excited about the movie.

“The new footage showed more of Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard and Gosling’s Officer K, as well as a creepy look at Jared Leto, playing a manufacturer of replicants with a daddy complex. In one shot, Leto lovingly caresses a naked android, who appears to have been doused in amniotic fluid.”

Sounds pretty Blade Runner like right? But that’s not all we got. We also got this lovely look at Gosling and the crowd was apparently really into the sneak peeks!

“The footage, which also included shots of a bloodied, haunted-looking Gosling and de Armas as a skittish replicant who appears to have captured his heart, received loud applause.”

And from that, we have to wait until the movie is released for us to get any more information. Or who knows, maybe we’ll get another trailer soon!

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Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters this October. And you know what you can watch for probably the 80th time to get your ready for the new movie? The old Blade Runner! Because definitely,