Star Wars Day: 10 merch ideas to start your collection on May the 4th

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Cover of Thrawn by Timothy Zahn. Image via Del Rey.

6. Books

This one, I admit, is personal preference. Last year, I even wrote a list of Star Wars books fans should be familiar with! But that was 2016, and we’ve made it into 2017. I’d be remiss not to recommend more recent titles like Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, but even works like James Luceno’s Catalyst, which is a Rogue One prequel novel, deserve a read.

Besides, new books are always coming out. Just this past week, Beth Revis’ Rebel Rising (another Rogue One tie-in) dropped.

For those who don’t prefer novels, though, Marvel has several series featuring different characters. There’s a Leia series, one for Darth Vader, and Star Wars Rebels fans can even check out one for Kanan Jarrus.

As for the younglings, there are books for them, too. Barnes & Noble has a great starter list, but it’s a few years old. Since then, plenty more titles have come out. They even have a cookbook that’s called Wookiee Cookies, which frankly sound like something that would make you roar for joy. (And hey, if you’ve picked up some kitchen gadgets, you could make Star Wars recipes with Star Wars tools and then serve them on Star Wars plates, then use Star Wars towels to dry the plates … you get the point, right?)