Stephen Colbert is getting some flack for his monologue


Last night, #FireColbert was trending because of what Stephen Colbert said in his opening monologue and the Trump supporters weren’t happy.

People weren’t happy with Stephen Colbert last night. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Let me clarify. Trump supporters are not happy with Colbert. Why? Because Stephen went off a bit the night before on Trump and hasn’t let up. And really, we don’t want him to stop.

To put into context, Stephen went to town on Trump on Monday night and the President’s supporters suddenly were mad about it on Tuesday night. He basically calls the President Putin’s (a word for male genital that we will leave out of this article) holster.

So obviously Trump’s supporters weren’t too happy about it. So then last night, Colbert continued to deliver monologues about the President by talking about Hillary’s reappearance as well as Trump’s potential lawsuit with the press.

The best part of this monologue had to be when Stephen talked about Trump trying to change the Constitution. For those who don’t know, they’re trying to limit the act of free speech. Because Trump considers most press “fake news”.

Basically Stephen is angry and as he should be. Trump disrespected CBS and a friend of Colbert’s for no reason. John Dickerson, as Colbert put it, was probably one of the tamest reporters Trump would meet and he insulted him not once, but twice.

And it isn’t like this is the first time Colbert went for Trump. It’s just the first time that Trump supporters decided to listen.

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Are you watching Stephen? Well if you’re not, you really should be. He’s angry and he’s making his points heard and they’re all amazing ideas that many of us need to hear. Tune in every week night and hopefully he keeps giving us amazing monologues like this. After all, Colbert is known for his political stance, so what else did we expect?