Here are the best men of the Met Gala 2017 and they’re great ones


The Met Gala was met with some weird outfits and a lot of tweets sounding off about each celebrity but we have the best men of the 2017 event.

Every year the Met Gala comes and we all suddenly question how we forgot it was coming. No really, I always forget about it until the night of. Anyone else have that problem? Needless to say, many were excited by this year’s theme. Comme de Garcons meant everyone would be in the highest of couture outfits, right?

Well, Jaden Smith walked the red carpet with his cut-off dreads in his hand so maybe not. But it was quite the interesting night. So we’re going to take a moment to look at the men that truly stole the show.

Hugh Dancy

Sometimes your wife needs you to help her with her dress, so lucky for Claire Danes, she has husband Hugh Dancy at her beck and call with a lint brush. For those who don’t know, Hugh is famous for his work in countless movies but probably more notable for his role as Will Graham in the show Hannibal.

Claire, currently starring in Homeland, is famous for her roles in Romeo + Juliet and Stardust among countless others. And while Claire looked stunning at the event, we have to give props to Hugh for literally being her dresser on the carpet.

Nick Jonas

To be fair, the Jonas brothers always look sharp. But this look, paired with Priyanka’s Carmen Sandiego looking trench coat had everyone gawking and screaming. It’s a great jacket. And arguably one of the best photos of the night features Nick and Priyanka standing with her gigantic train in the background.

Nick didn’t do anything of merit (he’s no Hugh Dancy if you know what I mean) but I guess just standing there and letting that train take over the picture did enough because he made the list!


Please see above picture. I shouldn’t have to explain anything. Also he is wearing Louboutin dress shoes. That takes a whole level of class I will never fully understand even if I end up famous and at the Met Gala.

But really, anyone who lays down on the steps of the Met Gala deserves a Pulitzer.

Rami Malek, Riz Ahmed, and Donald Glover

And of course, the Internet’s boyfriends. To be fair, Donald Glover has been around and loved for quite some time now but now he’s Lando so everyone should love him just a little bit more. And Riz, hot off his role in Rogue One, has us all swooning.

And then there is Rami. Everyone loves him, even moms. So of course these three made our list. If they didn’t, I’d expect many people to come yelling at me.

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Did we leave out your favorite guy at the Met Gala? Send us pictures so we can see your favorites!